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Tibo is now a well-established fixture of Dennistoun, warm and cosy, serving food and drink from morning till night.

Reminiscent of continental cafe bars, you feel equally welcome popping in for lunch, post-work or evening drinks, coffee, dinner, or weekend brunch. The decor is relaxed, with fairy lights in the window, star pendant lights over the bar, and candles on the tables after dark. There’s art by local artists on display too, which changes regularly and is usually available to purchase.

Food here is good; I’ve come for weekend brunch a few times and find the straightforward offerings great. Poached egg on toast with coffee will do me just fine!

Some evenings there’s live music and on Sunday there’s an open mic night. A laid back and relaxed establishment serving good food and drink, it’s the perfect local!
Martin R.
  • Martin R.
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom
I seriously can say that the customer service is impressive and the meals are delicious. I went here a week ago and ordered mocha coffee and it was delicious. Additionally, I can recommend their egg Benedict. My visit here was pleasant. I would certainly visit again.
Abbey C.
  • Abbey C.
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom
I had a privilege to enjoy my very first Scottish breakfast with my Scottish friend and I absolutely loved it!
  • Flavtistka
  • Novo Mesto, Slovenia
An excellent little quirky restaurant/bar on Duke Street with fantastic food and service.

The staff are extremely attentive, so much so that I dropped my knife in the floor and a staff member came over to ask if we needed any of it cutlery replaced as they had heard the clatter!

Particularly recommend the fish and chips, they’re chips are excellent! Wouldn’t recommend the duck wraps as they are just a tad too messy although tasty.
Rebecca M.
  • Rebecca M.
  • East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire
When I moved to the East End, so many of my friends greeted the news with ’You have to go to Tibo!’. When Valentine’s Day rolled round, after an eager peer through their menu, I gently nudged my boyfriend in the direction of this unassuming little restaurant.

The restaurant is bigger inside than I had assumed, with pretty décor and a relaxed atmosphere. It definitely is the sort of place you could visit over and over, whether with your parents, partner, friends or colleagues. The staff were fantastic — attentive, without being pushy, helpful and friendly.

I had the grilled halloumi cheese and couscous salad with butternut squash and chilli chutney, which I believe was a special for Valentine’s Day. I can hand on heart say this was the only time I have ever ordered a salad for dinner but it sounded incredible so I took a chance - and was definitely not disappointed! Even my burger-loving boyfriend, who ordered the Tibo Veggie burger, couldn’t resist having a bite (or two or three). The flavours were amazing together, the cheese grilled to perfection, and the portion size was very generous!

I would definitely visit again!
Charlene M.
  • Charlene M.
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom
I was going to a housewarming party in the East End and decided to meet a friend for food before going. We were pleasantly surprised by cafe Tibo.

We shared a starter of chicken pakora which had some delicious sauces with it, I then had the scallop and prawn tagliatelle, when it arrived I was a bit disappointed that the prawns and scallops were small, but I wasn’t disappointed with the taste. The little bit of black pudding really added to the dish.

We then shared sticky toffee pudding, which I must say was one of the best I’ve had.

Highly recommend and the staff were lovely.
Eilidh G.
  • Eilidh G.
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom
Been in Tibo a couple of times for brunch but decided to go along for dinner this time.

I ordered the fresh made smokey burger. It was delicious and filling and it’s clear that this burger was made from scratch. My other half had pumpkin soup and a veggie pizza. I can honestly say that despite the tasty burger I had major food envy. The pizza topping was fresh and full of flavour. With 8 different types to choose from your bound to find one to suit all tastes.

The cafe itself has a relaxed vibe, the type of place that you can chill with a couple of beers, coffee or glass of wine and watch the world go by. I’d recommend Tibo to anyone looking for fresh, tasty food in relaxed surroundings the on Duke Street.
Stephen L.
  • Stephen L.
  • Glagow, United Kingdom
I’m fortunate to call Tibo my local and I’ve been going regularly since I moved here over 2 years ago. I’ve probably tried just about everything on the menu ;)

French toast with bacon and maple syrup is a firm breakfast favourite! Their homemade Victoria sponge cake with a pot of tea is fabulous for a mid-afternoon treat and the daily specials are always worth looking out for. I personally don’t think you can go wrong with one of the burgers and rustic chips are always a winner for me.

There’s a relaxed feel to the place and the staff are friendly, though they’re not always the quickest. But if you’re looking for quick and snappy, you’d be better off heading a hundred yards or so along Duke Street to Coia’s.

It’s the kind of place where you’re made to feel just as welcome whether you go in alone with a book for an afternoon coffee, or with a group of friends for a meal.
Andi A.
  • Andi A.
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom
Tibo is a lovely wee place in Dennistoun. I nipped in there for a quick pint of West beer — I’m not normally a beer drinker but that stuff is just great!

This is a nice little location and one of the nicer places along Duke Street but the service leaves a bit to be desired. It wasn’t particularly busy when we got there after 6pm but it did take a while for anyone to come and give us menu’s or take drink orders.

That aside, it’s a great wee place and good for a quick drink.
Clara S.
  • Clara S.
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom
I am completely in love with this place.

Wandered in here for the first time after a bad day and was greeted by smiling service, a steaming cup of berry tea and an array of cakes to cheer me up. Didn’t take me long to return, and now it’s becoming a regular hang out for me and my pals.

This cafe stands out on Duke St with its chilled out but classy vibe. Full of travel paraphernalia, quirky wooden decor and origami birds, it’s charming without trying too hard. The staff have a varied taste in music, but it’s always good — from REM to Bon Iver (to Bon Jovi!), it’s a good selection on the playlist.

There is a distinct homely feel which draws you in, but the food itself is restaurant standard. Lovely, thick homemade soup with soft bread, a decent variety of mains and homemade, rustic cakes for dessert, yer spoiled for choice. Staff are lovely, and as the evening draws in it doesn’t turn into a messy, loud boozer like you could expect of some of the cafe/bars closer to the city centre.

I don’t know why this place reminds me of traveling. It might be the postcards and maps on the walls, the multicultured demographic it attracts, or the whimsical paper lanterns rocking gently on the ceiling. But no matter what your tastes are, it is very easy to curl up and lose yourself in here for a few hours. I feel completely comfortable coming here alone as much as I do with friends. An asset to the area, and to Glasgow, it says a lot that this is one of my local hangouts — and I live at the other side of the city!
Em C.
  • Em C.
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom
Moved to Dennistoun a few years ago and went into to Tibo to check it out then, and thought it was a decent wee spot. Just back from working away for a while and went in a few weeks ago with Fether before the footy for our tea. Bloody hell, the food was fantastic. We have been back since as well and can vouch that it wasn’t a one off.

The old man had the Tibo Hottie burger the first time round; a fat pattie made with a blend of homemade spice mix and smothered in chili jam. Very good burger apparently (it was gone before I swallowed my first mouthful, so never got the chance to try it). Second time he had the Mac and Cheese which looked oh-so-cosyly-good. I opted for the Sea Bass both times, and I would urge anyone to do the same. Perfectly cooked and sat on a bed of pea and ham hough mash! Simply amazing and the best dish I’ve tasted from here.

The staff are very friendly and the owner told us to enjoy the football when we were leaving — top bloke. Dropped a star as they need to dim the lights a little at night. It was pitch dark outside but the lights were up full, a little atmosphere would have been nice.

All in all a great wee place, next time your in the East End I would recommend popping in, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.
Christian B.
  • Christian B.
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom
Tibo opened around the time we moved into our flat around the corner and the fact that it had free wi-fi was a godsend. It started out as a deli with a small cafe but has evolved into a cafe/restaurant since. The food is consistently good and the atmosphere makes it a casual, welcoming place to be, but still eclectic enough to always be interesting. It’s a great place to go to meet a friend for a coffee or a pint, to have a wee cake or a full meal, and we feel fortunate to have it so close.

Although the prices are not the cheapest along Duke Street, the quality of the food makes it worthwhile.
Brook Y.
  • Brook Y.
  • Berkeley, United States
Who would have thought the gritty East End would play host to a place like Tibo. First the West End, then the South Side. I wonder if Dennistoun is next in line for the bohemian, deli packed gentrification that appears to be taking place all over Glasgow.

I visited Tibo with my boyfriend on Sunday for lunch. It was the perfect choice for a lazy afternoon, a goal the proprietors seem to be aiming for with their choice of chill out music which included Lou Reed’s "Perfect Day."

The thing I liked best about Tibo is, even though it is technically a cafe, you feel as comfortable sipping a pint of beer as you do pouring a pot of tea. This is not easy to find in Glasgow. I know you can order tea in most pubs but I always feel a bit silly doing so, particularly when there is a massive queue at the bar.

I picked stack of french toast with mozzarella, pesto and tomato from the Sunday Brunch Menu and my boyfriend went for the full Scottish breakfast. This is where Tibo loses a star. Although tasty, the "stack" of French toast was less a stack more three tiny bits of bread. However, my boyfriend had no complaints about his dish which was generously portioned and set him up for the day nicely. Our pot of tea, served in china patterned with Oriental designs, was so big we didn’t even finish it. And there is nothing I hate more than wasting a good tea. The service was excellent; our Northern Irish waitress was attentive and personable.

Tibo is child-friendly and had excellent changing facilities in the ladies’ toilet.
Maureen M.
  • Maureen M.
  • West Dunbartonshire, UK
An eclectic and inviting joint that’s equally at home as a mid-afternoon coffee house/lunchery or evening retreat for some excellent grub.

With a genuine bohemian feel to the place assisted by the excellent array of odd painting and differing photo pieces, relaxed music and comfortable decor, Tibo is clearly in the wrong part of town. Copy and paste this joint to the west end and you have an institution in the making. Keep it here and you have a host of very grateful locals who revel in the existence of a establishment that does more than baked potatoes, cheese toasties and chips n cheese.

Add brownie points to the already burgeoning pro column for the inclusion of free wifi and you have yourself a pretty awesome place to chill out, munch or dine if you’re in the Dennistoun area.
Chris D.
  • Chris D.
  • London, United Kingdom

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